Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Penny 1st Birthday Barnyard Bash

On Friday my baby turned 1. We celebrated on the weekend with family and friends at the Norris Farm (aka our house in Doncaster ;)

I made use of a stock image for the invites. Crystal added the text, Adele printed them for me- so lucky to have such talented and useful friends :)

Tri brought baby chicks and hay from her parent's farm to add to the farmyard feel and there were plenty of 'farmers' to help out with the animals (read: children ;)

I have been planning this party for a long time. I realised that it was the last birthday party that's really all about me- even by her 2nd birthday Penny will have preferences and opinions ;)

I had so much fun planning foods and decorations to fit with the theme; chocolate and coconut 'haystacks', farm fresh chocolate easter eggs, popcorn and oat biccies ' straight from the fields', pigs in a blanket... I even cut the fairy bread out with farm animal cookie cutters!

But my efforts pale into insignificance next to my incredible sister and her perfect cupcakes.

Seriously? How amazing is she?? She stayed up late the night before the party to make them and was such a huge help getting everything ready on the day!

For the kids I put together party 'buckets' rather than party bags. The buckets were on sale at Riot art and I filled them with farm-themed books and stickers; egg cups; sippah straws; pony biscuits and Peggy Pig lollies (from Coles, of all places :) They look fantastic all on the table together and probably only cost me around $5-6 each to put together (thanks to the shopping efforts of my good friend, Jemimah)

For the grown-ups I made Limited Edition 'Penelope Norris' chocolate bars. I used the same stock image for the wrappers. They looked great all stacked up in the box!

It was a fantastic day. I was so pleased to be able to make such a special day for my baby girl.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter egg hunt with the Tarnsie bunny

We spent Easter Sunday with my family. My wonderful sister, Jess, and her puppy, Reuben, hosted a late lunch/early dinner. We had yummy food and great company.

My little sister, Carmel, made the day perfect with a visit from the Tarnsie-bunny:

She printed out little footprints to lay down the path;

She hid eggs, bunnies and chickens for the girls to find. They had such a wonderful time and Beth kept squealing with excitement every time she found some chocolate.

Here are the girls with their booty :) Very proudly holding up their chocolate chickens.

The girls had another wonderful holiday with family. Everyone makes so much effort to make them happy and give them a good time.