Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A gluten-free Christmas can be Merry too!

Have been baking up a storm this week in preparation for a week of pre-Christmas hosting and entertaining and visiting!

My Mum's famous Walnut kipferls, gingerbread, banana bread, shortbread and some gluten-free goodies, for when my body tells me I have had enough wheat (but perhaps have some tolerance left for sugar ;)

This morning we had friends come to visit and served up a table of yumminess. As well as great company and lovely gifts, we enjoyed some decadent food too:

Other than strong hands for kneading, you don't need great skill to make a pretty sweet. This coconut ice was easy to make, but looks so impressive.

I call these 'grown up chocolate crackles', cause in place of cocoa and copha, these rice bubbles are held together by significant quantities of chocolate, butter and a hint of golden syrup... yum!

And my final gluten-free victory is my ever-successful triple choc brownies. I just replace the flour with a gluten-free from the supermarket, and because its already such a wet mixture (plenty of butter, chocolate and egg) it doesn't suffer the dryness or crumbliness than gluten-free flour can sometimes bring with it!

Just wanted to share some of my cooking adventures with you.

Love Gubby xo

PS The coconut ice and chocolate crackles were taken from Donna Hay: kids issue (annual 7)

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