Friday, December 3, 2010

Super Francesca

My biggest baby turned 6 in November. Much to her mother's delight, she chose a 'superhero' theme; a nice break from the pink that defines my life :P

And with the help of wonderful friends and family it was an absolutely perfect day and a wonderful party.

Decorations were red, blue and silver- very super hero- and my hubby placed all of our dolls houses etc in the entrance, so guests had to 'leap a tall building' to get into the party!
Everyone went to great effort to get into the party mood. My sisters and Momo were Zap, Kapow and Boink and did a great job of playing the villians for the day.
As you can see, the kids had such a wonderful time chasing and being chased by Zap- the world's most dramatic bad-guy!
My littlest Super Girl. Doesn't she make your heart melt?!

And here's my middle-sized Super Girl. Her super power is the ability to eat more than any human who has ever lived!

How many aunty/niece combos do you think have such an awesome photo in their collection?!
I was really disappointed with the cake- but she's 6- she loved everything about the day and the kids will eat any cake, especially if its chocolate

Goodie bags included some green 'kryptonite' candy, a small water gun for fighting grime, a couple of glow bracelets, some 'kapow' candy and some galactic popping candy
And here she is... my beautiful big girl. I love the way this photo captures her so brilliantly.

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