Wednesday, April 4, 2012

No place for a sandwich...

I own a large number of Tupperware containers, including quite a collection of those cool, colourful sandwich keepers. I like being able to send my kids to school/kinder with no throw-away wrappers of any kind.

When it came time to choose a new lunch box for school this year, my 7 year old chose a very groovy one with lots of little compartments. Perfect, I think to myself, no wrapping required, everything has a home. But apparently the perfectly-sandwiched-sized compartment is for the little drink bottle to live, once its been filled with water and frozen overnight (can't deny the benefits as a lunchbox cooling device in the warmer months ;)

So the sandwich has to go in the large compartment in the bottom, where it slides around and the ham and bread say their final farewells before slipping in different directions. Of course, this compartment is too big for a sandwich, but not large enough for a sandwich keeper, so we have been using ziplock bags or gladwrap.

Until my very dangerous trip to GJ's Discount Fabrics!!

I had had a vague idea in my head about making sandwich pockets from oilcloth, but had not had time/money/opportunity in correct quantities at the same time. But Mum and I saw the most beautiful oilcloths- pricey, but beautiful and she offered to purchase some for me even though the price tag said $46 per metre!

These are the pieces cut up, but you can see why I fell in love with it!!

I know that sounds mad, but I only need 30 cm, which made it around $14 and I was able to get enough for 4 sandwich bags, so I figure that's around $3.50 for a bag that will get used every day, and then it doesn't sound so bad (plus, my mum paid for it, so I just have to shower her in love and gratitude and that I can afford :)

Front, back and gusset pieces. No template, just made it up by measuring the bread we use

A perfect fit!

Now she can eat lunch and be inspired at the same time!

I used stick on velcro to seal and although it clings to the oily side perfectly, once the cotton side gets wet the velcro just peels off. So I have added sew-on velcro on the flap side and left the sticky velcro on the oilcloth.

The inside of the pocket can just be wiped clean and left to dry between uses and can take a thorough washing if needed- just hang upside down on the dishrack and allow to dry thoroughly between uses!

Your environmentally friendly crafter,
Gubby xo

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