Thursday, January 5, 2012

If you fail to plan...

I LOVE to organise and plan. So when I made the resolution to handmake my Christmas this year, I knew I would need a planner.

I got online and looked around, but every planner I could find would need reworking. So I took all the ideas I found and made a planner of my own... that is exactly what I want/need to make my planning more fun and most effective.

Here is the planner itself... I am still putting the finishing touches on the pages to go into the planner, but this is what I have so far!

I put in little red and green envelopes, as a fun way to keep ideas and inspiration. I got hold of a small red matchbook, so that will be my scrap/sketchbook for ideas.

The Christmas notepad was on special at Lincraft for $1.49 and the little clipboard was only $2 at Officeworks- just perfect for tucking into the front pocket of the planner.

(You can view and download the internal planner pages for yourself)

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