Thursday, January 5, 2012

Its what's inside that counts

These are the pages for my 'Handmade Holidays' planner.

I have 5 so far:
  • Christmas card list- this will allow me to keep track of who I have posted cards to and received cards from
  • Gift giving- this will allow me to jot down ideas for gifts for each person, as well as keep track of which gifts are completed
  • Craft projects- so I can write down ideas as they come to me, including any special equipment or materials I might need
  • Craft register- an index of craft projects
  • Recipes- some of the gifts will be baked goods (I always like to give my Mum's famous Vanilla Kipferls at Christmas time) 

You can download your own pages

Craft register (.pdf)
Craft projects (.pdf)
Recipes (.pdf)
Gift list (.pdf)
Christmas cards (.pdf)
(I have not left space for an address in the Christmas card list, as I do all my mailing labels using a spreadsheet)

 Enjoy an organised Christmas :)

Love Gubby xo

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