Thursday, January 12, 2012

Let it sew, let it sew, let it sew...

This week I borrowed my delightful mother-in-law's sewing machine and began my foray into sewing.

The last time I sewed anything was year 9 textiles class- I made myself a bag and a pair of black pants. I used the bag and wore the pants, so I can't have been that bad... but its been a while!

The first item I made this week was a lot of cutting aand sticking, as well as some sewing.

Its a dinosaur playmat that I found on the lovely Serving Pink Lemonade blog. There are step by step instructions and a template there.

But here is my attempt:

The main construction requires double-sided iron-on applique on felt- iron the pieces on and sew on a back panel.

I love this, as its flat and light, so I can post it to overseas and interstate friends. And its great for travel- chuck the mat and a couple of small dinosaurs in your bag and you have a portable play set for the kids.

More sewing to come....
Love Gubby xo

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  1. Your mats turned out great! I'm always glad when other crafters enjoy my tutorials.