Sunday, March 25, 2012

All the leaves are brown...

This afternoon Rob and I were watching our littlest jump on the trampoline in our front yard, when he looked up and noticed that the leaves of the trees were starting to turn brown. When Francesca was little she used the term 'the trees have been autumned'- its one of those little kid sayings that still brings a smile to my face every time I see Autumn setting in.

And in honour of the Autumning of the world, I thought I would showcase my latest piece of artwork.

Beth keeps bringing home paintings from kinder. Some are filed away in the collection I keep for each of the girls, some are sent to Nannies and Mas and aunts and uncles and friends. Some are put on display... for a little while.

She recently brought home a large sheet of colour:

I wasn't sure what to do with it, but I wanted it on display somewhere. I was thinking of a mosaic or similar... and then a good friend reminded me of the frame that was sitting in the hall cupboard:

It was in the cupboard when we moved into the house and, its safe to say, it was not going to be on display as it was ;)

So I mixed a little drawing of my own with a little of Beth's artwork and created a little Autumn artwork for our house!

Have you displayed your kids artwork at home? Or found a creative way to amend it for display? Would love to see/hear about your combined creations.

Love Gubby xo


  1. This is such a lovely idea, Gubby. I can see why you might have wanted to 'upcycle' the tiger as well!!

    I came across your blog today via the amazing farm party you did for your daughter last year. It was pinned on Pinterest. Fab! x

  2. Thanks Maxabella. It was a pretty awesome party (if I say so myself ;) Much credit has to go to my little sister for her help!

    I have just seen your blog and love your reference to your 3 tsunamis! I have 3 dramatic weather effects of my own- but the pink kind ;)

    I also loved sleeping... once upon a time ;)