Tuesday, March 20, 2012

All your cords in one basket!

Do you, like me, have all your power cords and chargers in one big box or basket? All tangled together? Unable to determine when one cord ends and another begins?

It's so frustrating! Especially when you're running out the door for a night or two away with your hubby and you realise you need a charger for your phone... and it takes you 20 minutes to find and untangle it.

Well, I found the best solution. Its pretty and practical. I love creating order. It makes me happy. It makes me even happier when it also looks great and I can make it myself for very minimal (if any) cost!

It started life as a very plain cardboard box. Any box that fits the space you want to store your cords will do- as long as it has flaps to close it. If its a large box, you might want to get some more cardboard to create more compartments- but my nice little square box lent itself beautifully to 9 even compartments.

Cut off the flaps. Mark into 3 even sections and cut about half way into the flaps at marked points (if you have a larger box or wish to use extra card to create more compartments, you will need to measure, mark and cut so that the pieces fit together- see below).

Start with one set of flaps (either the length or width of the box) and place with cuts up. Insert the other set of flaps, matching the cuts you have made (this time facing down). If they don't fit make the cuts a little wider. If they sit up too far make the cuts a little longer so they can reach all the way to the bottom of the box.

Then take out the card pieces and decorate the inserts and the external box. I had some wonderfully colourful papers in my collection, so it was easy to make it look great (you could also use fabric- a thick fabric would give this great support if your box will get a lot of regular use). I found a cute frame image online and used that for the big front label and the labels inside. The small interior labels were actually sized to fit the adhesive mailing labels that I always have at home. So I just had to print them onto the labels, cut them out, peel and stick!

So now, my obsessive tendancies are alleviated for a little while longer and I have a great and easy way to get to power cords and cables whenever I need them (and I used ONLY stuff I already had at home).

Do you have a favourite storage idea when it comes to all your wires? I would love to hear your tips for making sense of the cable jungle!

Love Gubby xo

You can view the original tutorial at the AMAZING 'i {heart} organizing' blog:


  1. Brilliant idea Gub - and pretty too.
    Love it and may need to pinch that idea when I get a chance.

  2. Kim, its so nice to be organised... and pretty :)