Sunday, March 18, 2012

A bounty of buttons

I have a jar of buttons.
Its not a Vegemite jar.
Its not even a jam jar.
Its a large coffee jar full of buttons.

And I love it!
I love my jar of buttons.
Every colour, shape, size.

Its beautiful.
I love to look at it.
I love shaking it around when I need to find one that I need.
I love running my fingers through them and pinching that tiny little orange one against the side of the jar in an attempt to seperate it and get it out of the jar.
And sometimes, when things get desperate, I love pouring them onto the table so I can find one. I love the sound of them pouring out.

Better than my buttons in a jar are my buttons on display. I use them to embellish cards, as the centre of flowers and now on sewing projects.

I found the perfect project for Easter that allows me to put a bunch of buttons on display.

How cute is this? My 7 year old is desperate to make one of her own- I'll be sure to post a pic when she's all done :)

And best of all, the frame was a couple of dollars at the local op shop!

Love Gubby xo


  1. Love it Gub - might have to make one myself.
    As a fellow coffee jar of buttons person (if I put mine all together they'd fill the biggest of the moccona jars they're in), a use for them that looks cute too sounds good.
    But they are also useful just to look at, play with, tip out, put back in (and occasionally attaching to something to hold it together)

  2. Ah, yes Kim, the forgotten use of the button- actually serving to button things up ;)