Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Stay-at-home-mum- not a job for the weak-hearted!

Late 2011 I made a BIG decision. One I never thought I would make. A decision that scared the life out of me, but that I believed to be important enough to sacrifice my own security for... I decided to resign from my part-time job to be at home full time with my 3 young daughters.

My parenting journey has been one full of drama and excitement- post-natal depression; life-threatening ectopic pregnancy; 3 caesareans and another life and death surgery just for good measure; unplanned pregnancy.

I have not enjoyed being a mum.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my kids. I think they are pretty awesome as far as kids go- bright, hilarious, inquisitive, beautiful, creative, confident, loving... But the job sucks- bad hours, shocking pay, unresponsive patrons, no sick leave, just to name a few.

I expected that as they grew up they would need me less, but actually found that as they get older they are actually MORE aware of what I am not around for. They want Mum to come and do reading at school, kinder duty, choir practice, Christmas concerts and the numerous and various activities they have on.

I also realised recently that in the past 4 years I went back to work when baby number 2 was 8 months old, fell pregnant with my (unplanned) 3rd child, finished work in time for number 3's arrival, went back to work when she was 6 months old, changed jobs a year later and juggled 3 young kids and work 2 days a week.

I know 2 days doesn't sound that much, but juggling timetables, time away from home when I could be doing cleaning, cooking etc; and the mental seperation required when you have more than 1 job was taking its toll on me, hubby and my kids.

So we made the call that I would resign from paid employment to give myself full-time to my job here at Casa de Norris ;)

I was seriously concerned about not having that time out. Time to go to the toilet on my own. Stimulation, conversation, change of scenery. What if I enjoyed my time with my kids only because I knew I could have time away from them... and now I wouldn't get that time?

But you know what? I am really enjoying myself. Today I was a complete Stepford mum- dressed neatly, shopped for fresh fruit & veg, cut up fruit & veg, baked cakes, prepared dinner, picked up a friend's daughter from kinder, entertained my best friend for the day, oversaw the handyman doing some small maintenance jobs around the house and had the chance to support my husband in some important experiences and decisions.

Days like today are not every day. But they sure feel good when they happen.

Each day I feel a little more confident in my abilities as a mum and more importantly as Mum to these precious little creatures God has put in my care. A good day reminds of why I gave up work and keeps me motivated when the bad days come.

I hope that I can continue to make this a comfortable and nurturing home for my family... and for every person that enters these walls.

I hope today was a good day for you, wherever you are in your life journey.

Love Gubby xo


  1. What a fabulous day! I am glad that collecting Eva is part of the positives of the day. The baking was delicious. Have a great day and thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Eva is always a positive- she's just so full of energy and joy :)

  3. You are worth 'far more than rubies'- a true Proverbs 31 woman- a blessing to your family!

  4. Thanks Susan... couldn't do it without you :)