Friday, March 30, 2012

My pretty little Easter bunnies

Further to my rant last week about Easter bonnet parades, I had the pleasure of watching my eldest daughter in her parade today. This is her creation:

The hat was a $2 purchase from a local Op Shop. She cut up an egg carton, cut the edges in zig zags to look 'cracked', painted them brown and stuck green and pink shredded paper inside the cups- pink for the easter eggs and green for the bunnies and chickens.

The birdhouse was a leftover from a craft book from last Easter and the ribbon was a couple of dollars from Woolworths.

My job was to handle the hot glue gun, but she designed and directed the whole thing.

She was disappointed that she didn't win a prize, but she was really pleased with her hat!

And I wasn't disappointed at all!! I loved watching her walk around the stage knowing that this was her very own creation. And there was enough chocolate going around today at school to soothe her (she's her mother's daughter ;)

Love Gubby xo

PS The little sisters had to be involved too, so I just stuck some bits on a hat for Beth. Her only real requirement was that it had actual chocolate on it (Penny is mid-egg, thus the screwy face ;)

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