Sunday, March 4, 2012

A little something I whipped up!

I have recently had a few friends bemoan the loss of their crafting 'mojo'. Its always so sad when you have time and projects to do, but no impetus to do them.

I have not had this problem of late. In fact, I find myself just sitting down for a few minutes to 'whip something up' simply because I have a few moments to kill before I have to get dinner, pick up the girls from school, put the washing out (insert home-making/parenting task here)...

I went out one evening last week, picked up some fabric at Spotlight on my way out and when I got home at 9:30pm, I used the fabric I had purchased to make an hair clip board for my girls, before I went to bed!

 I had decorated a couple of small tins for the girls' hair clips and hair ties. They looked really pretty and compact. The problem is that when kids can't see what they have, they find a way to make it easier to see... ie they tip ALL the items out of the tins onto the dresser and leave them there for the cleaning fairy (and, no, we don't have a cleaning fairy... its actually just me... I know, you're stunned, right?!?)

So with a donated frame from a friend, a small piece of fabric and some ribbons, I put together a pretty board to make it easier for all of us to see what my girls actually have.

Firstly, wrap the fabric around a solid piece of cardboard.
* Don't use the back of the frame, as you will want this piece to hold the fabric/ribbons in place. (sorry about the misleading photo- I started folding the fabric and then realised it was the wrong piece, but forgot to retake the photo)
*You could use the glass from the frame, but I am not sure if that would put holes in your fabric.
*This frame had a plastic insert so I was able to use that to wrap the fabric around.

Use a very strong glue- hot glue gun is a good option- to stick the fabric to your board.

Measure your ribbons, allowing a generous overlap, so there's plenty of ribbon to afix to the back of the board. Use glue to stick the ribbons to the back of board.

Push the board into the frame, with the ribbons facing the front of the frame- it might be a little squishy, but that will also help hold the fabric and ribbons in place- especially when the board is in daily use as it is in our house!

Press the back of the frame in and secure firmly. 

I knew we had a lot of hair clips, but seeing them on the board confirmed my suspicions. This frame is an 11" x 14" frame, just to give you an idea of just how many hair accessories we have in this house. This does not include headbands, hair ties and flowers!!

I also came across a few hair clips that had fallen apart and sorted those out with the hot glue gun too.

Its amazing what you can achieve when your mojo is present!!

Love Gubby xo

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